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medical supply introduction

Updated: Mar 8

We recently spent some time with our friends Tobin, Mike, and Jordan on the ENLIGHTENED NEANDERTHALS Podcast and had a great time! We discussed medical kits and how to build yours so you can be ready for minor or even MAJOR injuries or problems. These can be anything from an everyday injury to tending to medical needs during a disaster or emergency situation.

As promised, we have a few lists to share with you of suggested items to include in your medical kits. You have a couple options here. Buy a pre-packaged kit from Walmart or REI, or put together your own. For novices out there on medical issues who don't have a lot of time to deep dive on gear, you might want to start with a pre-packaged kit, and then as you train, practice and learn about what works, you can upgrade components from your kit without spending big bucks right out of the gate.

We like to promote our friend Joe Dolio's book TW-05 First Aid. He has lots of tactical wisdom to share and some of the lists and information you can find in his books! Buy the whole series!

For those of you looking for a list to start building in out your kits, here we go!


I have included links for QUALITY products for each of these. You can shop for cheaper versions, but how much is your life worth? Don't buy cheap Chicom imitation products. ESPECIALLY tourniquets.

This is just a starter "Stop the Bleed" kit (Basic IFAK), the minimum you want to have close by at all times. Our next post will hit on the EXPANDED kit that would comprise your Advanced Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). Check in soon for part 2!

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