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Medical Supply, Part 2

Advanced IFAK

In addition to having a "Stop the Bleed" kit (Basic IFAK) on you at all times, you should have a more advanced IFAK to keep yourself patched up and healthy.

The following is a suggested list to use for building your Advanced IFAK. This kit would go in a butt-pack on your belt, or in a backpack. These contents are made to help YOU so be careful about using them on others, especially in a WROL situation. You may not be able to replenish your supply...

You can add other items as you wish. You just need to think about size and weight considerations. Some other items that may be helpful are a Small light/headlamp, Tweezers, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hemostats/clamps, Anti-septic wipes, and Eye wash solution.

In our next installment, we'll talk about what to stock in a vehicle first aid kit!

Remember to buy Tactical Wisdom First Aid TW-05 by Joe Dolio. It's a great reference for building your medical skills!

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