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Troubling times...

Here at Project 22:3 preparedness our mission is to help everyday citizens to be their own first responders, to be resilient in times of trouble, and to be self-reliant in everyday life. We always pray for the best but plan for the worst.

With the current events happening in the world currently, now is the time to be sure that you take care of any loose ends in your preparedness.

Some of the current hazards that we should be watching for...

1) Terror attacks in the US: With the current policy at the southern border, there are unknown actors entering our country. Foreign governments that are upset with our involvement in Ukraine or the Middle East may strike out by using sleeper cells to attack soft targets in our homeland.

2) EMP attack: Should China decide that this would be a good time for a move by North Korea, or they themselves want to move on Taiwan, a preemptive strike on the US with an EMP device would push our country into chaos. Loss of all electrical power, communication, and vehicle travel could result, and outbreak of violence and civil disorder will result.

3) Cyber attack: Above named nation states have active cyber hacking programs. Should there be a successful attack on our systems, the potential for loss of ATM machines, failure of credit card systems, and breakdown of internet service could result.

These are a few of the threats that are elevated at this time due to current world events. Let us not forget the potential still exists for natural disasters and emergencies. We want to enjoy life, family, and live faith filled lives, but we know that "the wise man sees trouble and prepares" as the Bible states in Proverbs 22:3.

Make sure to have some cash on hand. Top off fuel tanks and test your emergency generators. Make sure that you have your security needs taken care of. It's a good time to stock up your pantry with any items that are running low.

Now is the time. Better to be ready and not need, then to need and not be ready!

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